Geoff was designing and managing custom cabinetry projects for another company and gaining valuable skills along the way.

While still working for the cabinetry company, Geoff worked along side Christine on the weekends to refine their craft and improve their custom tables.



In 2011 Christine started building farm-style tables using reclaimed wood to sell through Etsy.


Geoff + Christine on their honeymoon back in 2007…with no idea what life had in store for them! 


A Look Back On the Past

With an incredible amount of hard work and the perfect team, McQueen Building Co. continued to evolve and enjoyed a brand refresh!

Realizing handmade furniture would not be sustainable long term, the couple combined their love for design, construction, and the furniture business to form McQueen Building Company!




The McQueen family of six headed to Canada to help relatives with their harvest season and were inspired to officially start their own furniture business!

The first project for McQueen Building Company was a hall bath for a family friend. McQueen was hired to fix up the bath as the home was being prepped to be sold. What a huge blessing this first job was!


The McQueens used wood from an old family barn that was falling apart out in Ohio to continue building their farmhouse tables. They took a leap of faith as they continued on their entrepreneurial journey.


2022 & beyond

While we celebrate five years in business, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for our growing company!