oak & pillar


custom designs & quality craftsmanship

After years of ordering cabinets to create built-ins and storage for our clients, we realized: We can create truly custom designs and deliver the best possible craftsmanship by creating our own line of cabinetry and fine millwork. Oak & Pillar was born!  

What is "custom cabinetry?"

We get this question a lot, and for good reason. A lot of pre-manufactured cabinet companies consider their products to be custom, and the term has been misused so much it's had several opposing effects; on one hand it's cheapened the term, and on the opposite end, it has put them conceivably out of reach to others. Custom doesn't have to mean expensive. But it does mean that you get exactly what you want -- and more importantly, what you need -- in your cabinetry. That’s what Oak & Pillar is all about.

Are you interested in adding Oak & Pillar hand-tailored cabinetry to your next project?
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