About Us

Geoff McQueen / President

Geoff began his career in construction as an architectural millwork draftsman and engineer. This experience in a highly detailed and technical environment has served as the foundation for success throughout his career. Over the years he has designed and managed numerous award-winning projects, and was instrumental in the growth and expansion of several design and construction firms. Today Geoff enjoys working closely with his wife to see their clientele actualize their visions and creativity.   

Christine McQueen / VP

For many years, Christine has been blessed in that she gets to do what she loves...which is helping people! She has a keen sense of style and a knack for design, but more importantly, she has a heart for others and truly wants to make people happy. With a listening ear and a genuine desire to bring beauty into her clients' homes, she works with each individual to develop their unique design plan and bring it to life. She has worked with Geoff for years on their own personal homes that they have flipped together and has worked with companies as a Design Consultant. She is overjoyed at the opportunity to work with Geoff again in this family-run, integrity-driven company doing what she loves!  

Our Team

Max Fedela Project Manager


 Max has been doing some type of construction work since he was old enough to walk. Starting out sweeping the floors every day at his grandfather’s custom cabinet shop when he was only knee high, he quickly gained the knowledge and yearning to be creative every day. Working with his hands runs in the family, with a machinist dad, florist mom, and interior designer sister. His hands-on skills were honed at Penn State learning Historic Preservation and Restoration, which was his profession for over 10 years. Max’s creativeness also caused him to travel all over the country, living in Virginia, Hawaii and Southern California, only to find him returning to his home town in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and living 100 yards from the house he grew up in. He has spent his time building furniture, creating artwork, renovating homes, running art galleries, buying and selling antiques and so much more. Recently finding a place within McQueen Building Company allows him to use his skills to the fullest and create new, amazing spaces for homeowners. When not renovating his own home, Max enjoys waking up early for flea markets and estate sales, spending time with his wife, Stephanie and his beagle, Hula, and making and enjoying proper Tiki cocktails. 

Andrew Cundill Senior Project Manager



Andrew is passionate about remodeling and woodworking. His twenty-four years as a remodeling sole proprietor enables him to see each project through the eyes of its participants. This awareness is what helps him care for each project. Andrew’s understanding of the remodeling process means detailed planning and communication. His sensitivity to the people involved makes for healthy relationships. Andrew’s admiration for craftsmanship and ability as a finish carpenter means exceptional workmanship is esteemed. 

Tim Eaton Project Manager



Tim comes from a well-rounded background including surveying, civil designing, and architectural drafting. His true passion for creating with his hands led him into residential construction. With a client focused approach and many years of experience, he has honed his skills to produce a quality product. Tim especially enjoys the happiness that a finished product brings to the client.

Michael Watson Construction Coordinator


Mike brings with him several years of field experience ranging from electrical systems, appliance installations & repair, home remodeling, project management, and most importantly, a client-focused approach. Mike values the feedback from the client and works tirelessly to build a relationship with all parties from vendors and subcontractors to the general public.

Josh Gerba | Procurement & Deliveries



Josh brings with him a natural rhythm to the job site. With a keen attention to detail, Josh sees projects through with excellence. Communicative, calm and collected, with unmatched character, Josh ultimately cares about people. Positive and practical, envisioning the end result alongside his clients, it's Josh who will reverse engineer a plan to execute a beautiful result.

Marcus Chadwick | Carpenter



Marcus has been in the construction industry for several years, and is always eager to learn more. He takes pride in the work that he produces, all while trying to stay humble when it comes to learning new trades. He has experience ranging from from complete gutting /restoration of homes in inner city Pittsburgh to remodeling larger estates in the suburbs. 

Amy Cortolillo | Business Manager


  Amy has a genuine appreciation for working with her hands and seeing a project through from planning to completion. She is an analytical and task oriented person with a natural eye for detail and heart for people. She enjoys using her gifts to serve those around her. Her abilities to prioritize, multitask, and organize have only been strengthened by managing her five children. She ultimately loves helping people actualize their goals and being a strong support to those counting on her. She takes pride in doing her job well in order to keep things running smoothly, both in the office as well as with the client.

Mike Ciarletta | Carpenter


  I started my career working for a high end company doing additions at the age of 16. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by very talented people who taught me majority of what I know today. I always want to learn more trades/ skills to better my future and knowledge in this industry. I am very passionate about what I do and take pride every project I complete. I am proud knowing my name is on the work provided. I learned that starting with a great attitude sets the tone for the duration of the project. I am a very shy person but once I come out of my shell, I am a very enjoyable person to be aroun

Karl Hudson | Carpenter Apprentice


  My name is Karl Hudson. I am new to this industry and I am thrilled to be a part of the McQueen Building Company team. Geoff McQueen has given me the opportunity to apprentice under some of the most seasoned master carpenters in the industry. The culture at McQueen is incredible. Within a very short period of time I realized I am not just an employee, more-so part of a family. We all look out for one another. There is something very special going on at McQueen Building. I am excited for what the future holds and I am so happy to be a part of this extremely ethical contracting company thats main goal is customer satisfaction and stellar carpentry skills.